WJXN/BUSD Liquidity Farming Program

Get up to 75% APR paid out block by block in HST

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Stake LP tokens (WJXN/BUSD) for 4 months & get up to 75% APR

Earn block by block yield in HST

  • up to 75% APR
  • 4 months lock-in
  • Block by block reward in HST
  • Withdraw your yield anytime.

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Liquidity farming is the process of lending cryptocurrency for an interest in return. As a rule, funds are locked or staked into a smart contract that controls the liquidity pools DeFi lending protocols rely on.

Our liquidity farming contract offers a secure and fully automated way to earn yield. Yield is accumulated by every block and can be withdrawn anytime.

We keep pace with the latest industry trends and take the most trustworthy cybersecurity measures. Our liquidity farming incentive works on smart contracts, which is a decentralized and transparent tool that can be audited by anyone. Moreover, CertiK - a leading security-focused ranking platform - already audited our contracts. Feel free to read the report here.

The staked funds can't be withdrawn until the lock-in expires. However, the accumulated yield can be withdrawn anytime.

1. Buy LP tokens with BUSD

2. Connect your wallet

3. Click the “Stake” button

4. Enter the amount you want to stake

5. Click “Approve”

6. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

HST is a decimal token for JXN, a native token of the Jax.Network blockchain. It stands for Haber-Stornetta Token (HST). Such a name was picked with the purpose to honor the two people who made gigantic input into the blockchain industry and are considered co-inventors of blockchain technology.

1 WJXN = 10^8 HST

Contract address: 0xd6AF849b09879a3648d56B5d43c6e5908a74CA83

We don't charge any fees. However, Binance Smart Chain fees are applied to each transaction happening on its chain.

It's a special token created by DEX platforms in order to reward users who inject liquidity into their pools in order to make their operation possible.

There are two ways to buy our LP tokens:

  • You can go to PancakeSwap and add WJXN/BUSD liquidity. Then get the LP tokens and farm them in our LP yield farm to get more yield.
  • or
  • You can deposit BUSD in our front end, we will add liquidity for the equivalent amount of tokens (50% in BUSD & 50% in WJXN at the current DEX price and issue LP tokens, so you can farm them in our farm.

There is no minimum amount limitation. You can stake any amount.

The LP Tokens are locked in for a period of 4 months after which you can withdraw the LP tokens. The yield however can be withdrawn at any point in time.